First off, i wanna apologise for my inactivity lately and i am putting this as a treat for staying with me. So enjoy this review for a game i put up
So Poke Park takes place in a........not really sure but mew "shoves" pikachu, piblup , Charmander , and some other pokemon i cannot recall into a hole that seems like a dark hole of DEATH. But What really is a nice little park, but pikachu is now in the entrance to the park instead of inside it with his friends. So he has to overcome beginner obstacles like jumping over logs, and of course....Waking up that very obnoxious snorlax.... So when you overcome those obsticles you get into the "meadow" zone. I will give it to you straight, here is the thing, there are a few zones, so here:

  1. Meeting place
  2. Meadow zone
  3. Lava zone
  4. Granite zone
  5. Ice zone
  6. "flower" zone
  7. Sky pavilion
the last two aren't really zones but BIG zones you need to go to before beating this game. and you must reunite all the zone leaders and gather "Sky Prism" pieces (which do not look like prisms) and it is really fun to play

So here is MY ratings:

Gameplay: 9/10
Quality: 7:10
Graphics: 10/10
Amount of Gameplay: 9/10

(BTW i didn't really see the full ending due to "lag" at some point at the end cutscene lagging so much, crashing my wii :(. )

So i think i should do more game reviews,

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