First of all, im glad i have been working on it and your patience is apreciated, but some bugs in the programming are kinda getting in the way, but life shall move on! so lets get this gravy
Codename emerald will have more than the last Build, you can call it anything you want but the name will stay as Enerakd.. More to come!
Ever since i got new windows 7, i lost the old pearl os i was making, so i am making a new one with better color and theme! green! yup i even decided to make the site green too! enjoy it! and now it is Pearl build 2!
This is an EXE of an unstable version of Pearl! not much is there but atleast you have it here for your content

-Panther...i think.......

if u want to exit from the OS press escape

File Size: 3061 kb
File Type: exe
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