Ever since i got new windows 7, i lost the old pearl os i was making, so i am making a new one with better color and theme! green! yup i even decided to make the site green too! enjoy it! and now it is Pearl build 2!
It is a browser! for u! its still in beta and might not work for people without powerpoint so im still gonna work on the kinks.

It may or may not require visual basic (C++)
File Size: 92 kb
File Type: zip
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This is an EXE of an unstable version of Pearl! not much is there but atleast you have it here for your content

-Panther...i think.......

if u want to exit from the OS press escape

File Size: 3061 kb
File Type: exe
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You know, the dreaded wait cursor that we all know and hate! heres a picture of it...
don't really know what to do with it that much, hmmmmm... more updates to come!
you may have noticed some lil link linger at the bottom left side of the homepage,thats because we teamed up with Macrobit software. we will now have a chance to share our software, not really sure but stay tuned for more!
there has been an update! HURRAAAAYY!....not really but still, we now have files for you to download. PLUS this blog, mmmkay heres some things to amuse you!

Hopefully i can get done with Pearl OS.... oh and heres a poll to see if you guys like this layout or not.